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What Makes a Productive Workspace? | Office Evolution, Ontario, CA

Most of us view our workspace as our command center. We typically have a piece of tech that we run our day through, whether a laptop, desktop or…

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Why Work-Life Balance Matters | Office Evolution, Ontario, CA

Can you think about a hard day you had on the job? The kind that lingers with you for the rest of the day and makes it hard…

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How Do Shared Office Spaces Work? A Guide to Coworking

If you’ve been around the office sphere lately, you’ve probably heard buzzwords like “shared office space” and “coworking.” But what do they mean? A shared office space involves…

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How Technology Enhances the Workplace | Office Evolution

The advancement of technology has inspired incredible innovations and processes that have improved life as a whole. Many of these enhancements are prevalent in business. The use of…

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How to Benefit the Most From Your Coworking Space | Office Evolution

The coworking space that you or your team occupy can be very beneficial if adequately utilized. Occupants in these spaces usually see an enhancement in productivity from their…

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How to Organize Your Workspace | Office Evolution

The space that you work in has substantial importance in your life. While it may not be as cozy as home or your vehicle, your desk will likely…

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Be a Positive Addition to Your Team | Office Evolution

Every business has an existing culture. The employees speak to each other at specific times and under particular circumstances. While you may not walk into the office on…

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How to Design Your Desk to Boost Creativity | Office Evolution

Most of us, especially those who run a business, spend almost as much time in the office as at home. This is great if you are a workaholic,…

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How Freelance Professionals Optimize Networking Opportunities in Ontario

Networking is the secret sauce to any great freelance career. Freelancers don’t have accounts handed to them; they have to hit the ground running and meet the right…

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