3 Tips on Renting Temporary Office Space in Salt Lake City

One of the biggest workspace trends of the past several years has been the increased demand for temporary office space. Here in Salt Lake City UT, we’re seeing this trend play out with businesses of all sizes, structures, and sectors.

Independent professionals are using temporary workspace rentals for face-to-face meetings. Startups are using them to accelerate operational setup, increase scalability, minimize upfront costs, and reduce fixed overhead. Larger businesses are using them in a similar way as workspace for temporary workers and short term projects.

Regardless of how you intend to use a temporary office or how long you plan to use it’s, it’s important that you find the right space for your needs. To help, here are three tips from the team at Office Evolution® Downtown Salt Lake City UT.

Functional vs. Fashionable Temporary Office Space

One of the easiest mistakes to make when renting a temporary office is to confuse a fashionable office for a functional one. Some workspaces invest heavily in the appearance of their office space, but spend less time designing their offices for productivity. The result is a picture-perfect space that’s less than perfect for actual work.

That doesn’t mean you need to rent an eyesore of a workspace. In fact, many spaces strike a balance between contemporary style and work-friendly design. But if a space looks like it was designed for show first and professionals second, proceed with caution.

Know the Types of Short Term Office Space Rentals

When you talk to people about temporary office space, different people will give you different definitions of what “short term” means. For some, a short term office rental is an office you rent by the hour or by the day. For others, these rentals include office space that’s available by the month or on an agreement of less than 12-months.

When researching temporary office space in Salt Lake City, make sure that any workspace you consider offers rentals at the term you’re looking for. Some spaces only rent office space by the hour or by the day. Some only rent workspaces by the month. And some, including Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City, offer a mix of day office rentals and month-by-month private office space.

Facing a Tight Budget? Consider Alternative Solutions

When used the right way, temporary office space can generate major savings for Salt Lake City businesses and professionals. But if you’re facing a tight budget, a short term office rental might not be the perfect fit for your needs.

In that case, you might want to look at alternative workspace solutions in Salt Lake City. Many businesses looking for cost-friendly office space ultimately choose a coworking membership over a temporary office rental. A coworking space offers many of the same advantages as short term office space, but at a fraction of the cost.

Looking for a short term office space rental in Salt Lake City? Call (801) 590-4501 today for detailed information on temporary office rentals at Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City. Located in the heart of downtown — minutes away from Sugar House, Mill Creek, Murray, and Midvale — we offer coworking memberships, day office rentals, and month-to-month private office leases.

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